As we learned last year when Loadholt went down and Clemmings came in,Blaine Gabbert Jersey, plans sometimes don't work out the way teams expect.Matt Forte Jersey. Here we are a few days removed from minicamp and looking ahead to training camp,Artie Burns Jersey, and it seems we are headed inexorably toward a repeat of last season's scenario.Ryan Tannehill Jersey. If you asked me to wager right now,Jason Witten Jersey, I'd put my money on Clemmings being the starting right tackle when the season opens in Tennessee on September 11.Aldon Smith Jersey. The first ominous sign for me was when the Vikings put Phil Loadholt in with the first team in OTAs.Sheldon Rankins Jersey. Clearly,Jordan Matthews Jersey, coaches wanted to get him as many early reps as possible in order to evaluate whether he can still move after suffering season-ending injuries two years in a row.Aaron Rodgers Jersey. Loadholt was never the most fleet-footed tackle to begin with,Josh Brown Jersey, and tearing his Achilles and missing an entire season likely did not help him become more nimble when trying to handle speed rushers. We heard nothing but positive reports on Loadholt but there's still reason to be very skeptical that he ultimately will prove fit to start and remain healthy. There was a reason Minnesota refused to bring him back until his contract was re-worked. At this point, they are basically taking a flier on Loadholt.